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atomic lighter Sevmorput Basic Information

Atomic lighter carrier Sevmorput is the only nuclear powered transport vessel in Russia. She was built at Zaliv Shipyard in Kerch in the period from June 01, 1982 to December 31, 1988. The project was jointly ordered by the Ministry of Maritime Fleet and the Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry. The vessel has ice-strengthened hull of ULA class according to the USSR Register Rules of 1981.

The vessel is designed, constructed and operated according to the national and international rules, regulations and conventions including:

  • IMO Code of Safety of Nuclear Powered Freight Vessels;
  • International conventions of safety of freight vessels powered by nuclear fuel;
  • Radiation safety regulations;
  • Radiation safety rules;
  • Basic sanitary regulations.

Atomic vessels Sevmorput was commissioned on December 31, 1988.

Since the time the national flag was raised and the vessel started to sail, she passed 302000 miles, transported more than 1,5 million tons of cargo and the reactor was recharged only once.

Vessels of SA-15 type that work on the Dudinka line would have needed about 100 voyages and 100 000 tons of fuel in order to transport the same amount of cargo.

Sevmorput Purpose

The vessel is designed to transport:

-lighters of LASH type in the holds, in the specially equipped cells and on the upper deck. Their loading/unloading is done with the deck lighter crane.

-ISO containers in the holds and on the upper deck without refitting of the vessel; loading and unloading must be done with shore cranes. Limited parties can be loaded and unloaded with container attachments of the lighter crane.

The vessel can take 74 lighters with the cargo capacity of 300 tons or 1328 twenty foot container.

The holds hatches allow loaded lighters of 450 tons each to be positioned in two layers upon them for transportation. It is also possible to place 20 or 40 foot international standard containers in three layers with the maximum allowed mass of each container up to 20,3 and 30,5 tons.

Sevmorput can break 1 m thick ice.

Sevmorput Navigation Area

Nuclear power plant imposes no limit on the distance and time of navigation.

Technical Data

This is a single-propeller, single-deck atomic vessel with redundant above-water board, foredeck, living superstructure placed at the bow, engine room and the reactor placed in the middle, raked stem of icebreaking type, cruiser stern which is cut in the form of transom in the above-water part.

The vessel can sail independently in the 1 m thick flat compact ice with the speed of about two knots. The hull is divided by 11 transverse water-proof partition-walls into 12 compartments including 6 cargo holds.

Length overall, m  
Length between verticals, m  
Max. width, m 32,2
Midsection board height, m
Summer draught, m 11,8
Specification draught (to sail in ice), m
Displacement in sea water with density of 1.025 t/m3
at summer draught of 11,8 m, t                          
Summer draught deadweight, t
Specification draught deadweight, t
Cargo hold clear dimension:
- length, m
- width, m

Speed at average draught of 10 m and power of 29420 kW 20,8 knots.

Power Plant

The power plant consists of:

- Main turbogear assembly of 29420 kW and rotation frequency of the propeller shaft 115 turn/min for controllable pitch propeller.

Sevmorput - Atomic steam producing plant with the capacity of 215 tons of steam per hour at the pressure level of 40 ata and temperature of 290 .

- Auxiliary plant:

- 3 turbo generators 1700 kW each;

- 3 standby diesel generators 200 kW each.

- 2 emergency diesel-generators 200 kW each.

- Emergency boiler (in case of ASPP malfunction) with capacity of 50 t/h at the pressure level of 25 kg/cm2 and steam temperature of 360 , which is diesel powered.

Sevmorput Cranes Characteristic

The vessel is equipped with the following cranes:

1.KONE crane:

Lifting capacity, t 500
Lifting/lowering speed m/min
Crane movement speed m/min
Lifting height:  
- overall, m 27
- from railhead, m
Crane ways tracks, mm 21336

The two container attachments with the lifting capacity of 38,0 t and two auxiliary cranes 3,0 t each are installed on the lighter crane. The attachments are used for loading and unloading 20 and 40 foot containers at ports that have no container cranes of their own.

2. Two cranes of 16 ton lifting capacity each.

3. Two cranes of 3,2 ton lifting capacity each.