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Atomic Icebreaker Yamal technical data.

Icebreaker YamalAtomic icebreaker with a turbo-electric plant, four decks, two platforms, five-level middle superstructure and two decks.

Principle dimensions:

  • Length Overall -150 m
  • Maximum Width -30 m
  • Hull Height, m-17, 2
  • Draught, m-11,0
  • Water Displacement -23000 t
  • Hull Thickness - from 32mm to 48mm along the ice belt
  • Icebreaking Capability, -2,25m-at a speed of 2 knots
  • Clear Water Speed - 20,8 knots
  • Speed in Ice - from 2 to 20,8 knots
  • Main Plant Power -75000 h/p

The icebreaker has good controllability and manoeuvrability and smooth rolling.

The icebreaker remains afloat with any two compartments flooded thus meeting the requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS). The icebreakers hull is divided by 8 partition walls into 9 water-proof compartments. The power plant is surrounded by another water-proof wall that constitutes the second board. The most important spaces of the icebreaker are made into separate water-proof loops.

The hull is made of special alloyed steels and the surface of the submerged part is covered in special paint Inerta-160 to protect the hull from corrosion.

Fire-fighting system is compliant with the RMRS standards. To ensure the efficiency of the fire-fighting system the icebreaker is divided into four vertical zones, incombustible and nonflammable materials are applied, automatic fire alarm with water, chemical and foam fire extinguishing systems are installed. Compartments with explosive materials inside (aviation fuel depository, hangar, fuel supply post, battery rooms, charging transformers rooms, electro-welding rooms) are equipped with non-explosive fittings, fire alarm, fire extinguishing system and ventilation.

Icebreaker To comply with environment protection requirements the icebreaker has:

  • garbage incinerator SP-50 with capacity of 50 kg/h for garbage and 50 kg/h for oil wastes;
  • five automated plants for cleaning and disinfection of sewage water EOS-5 type with efficiency of 5 cub.m/day and six automated plants EOS-15 type with 15 cub.m/day efficiency;
  • two automated gravity separators and two bilge water separators with topping mechanical filters in the drainage system.

There are two closed motor life plastic boats and inflammable life rafts PSN-10MK and a tug motor boat Sea Eagle. A helicopter can be maintained via a complex of systems and gear including a hangar.

There are 155 cabins for the crew: 11 block-cabins for senior officers, 123 single cabins, 17 double cabins and 4 six-bed cabins that altogether can accommodate 189 people. To provide space for meals, rest and entertainment of the crew the icebreaker has a canteen for 84 people, mess-room for 88-90 people, club for 108 people and 3 rest saloons.

There are air conditioning, fresh and outboard water, ventilation, slops and refrigerator systems to provide the needs of the crew.

The newest means of radio communication and electro-radio navigation are installed: satellite radiotelegraphic and radiophonetelegraphic medium, short, intermediate-frequency and ultra-short waves equipment, community TV-reception station Screen-M1, TV-broadcasting complex Globe-4, radar station, automatic navigational radar plotting system, gyrocompass, radio direction finder, echo-sounding device, electric log, portable boat radio stations and other means of communication.