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Handling nuclear materialsUse of maritime atomic energy for military and peaceful purposes requires skilled handling of fresh and spent nuclear fuel and radioactive wastes. In order to meet these requirements the Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Wastes Handling Service was created.

Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Wastes Handling Service has the following tasks:

  • Recharge of nuclear reactors of vessels with nuclear power plants with available recharging facilities; provision of maintenance and current repair of recharging, transportation equipment and stands for testing recharging equipment.
  • Provision of technological maintenance of specialized complex for handling radioactive wastes. A principle of self-replacement of personnel from different sections of the Service is applied.
  • Discharge of spent nuclear fuel from the reactors of decommissioned ships using recharging complexes of Naval Fleet or ship repair facilities.
  • Handling of fresh nuclear fuel: from receiving to loading into a reactor.

The following services are rendered:

Spent Nuclear Fuel Handling.

Deployment of spent nuclear fuel in the depository of spent technological canals (DSTC) of floating technical bases.

Transhipment of spent nuclear fuel between DSTS of floating technical bases and floating bases of Naval Fleet.

Unloading of spent nuclear fuel from atomic submarines reactors, maritime transportation to FSUE Atomflot and further dispatch to Mayak enterprise.

Loading into containers used for long-term depositing of spent nuclear fuel, transfer to coastal depository, preparation and deployment of containers into the temporary depository.

Preparation of spent nuclear fuel for transportation to other facilities.

Separation of spent fuel rods and preparation of unprocessable nuclear fuel for two-level depositing of active parts.

Control of storage regime and its compliance with spent nuclear fuel accounted data.

Handling of Radioactive Wastes Handling nuclear materials

Handling of liquid radioactive wastes (LRW): reception, depositing LRW, preparation and cleaning of LRW.

Handling of solid radioactive wastes (SRW): reception, conditioning and depositing of SRW and contaminated equipment of atomic icebreakers and maintenance vessels.

Operations with sources of ionizing radiation.

Operations done by the specialists of the Service:

53 recharges, 8 of them included replacement of removable screen, 9 recharges of maritime nuclear reactors;

Discharge of spent nuclear fuel from 26 maritime reactors.

20 trains with containers TK-12 with spent nuclear fuel and 59 trains with TK-18 are dispatched to FSUE Mayak.

Discharge and transportation of spent nuclear fuel of research reactor in Norilsk is completed: dismantling, conditioning, burial of reactor and construction of reactor hall.

Loading and transportation of spent nuclear fuel from a branch #2 of FSUE SEVRAO are fulfilled.

About eight thousand tons of LRW are received and processed.